Tribe's Public Roadmap

πŸš€ In the past couple of months, we have shipped a lot of features such as but not limited to: New Text Editor, Posts, Collections & Spaces, Notifications, Moderation, Custom Domain, SSO, Zapier, Custom Code App, Amplitude App, Google Analytics App!

You can find more details here.

❝This roadmap serves as a short-term guide on where our product is going. As an agile software company, our roadmap can adjust rather quickly to optimize highly used features we release, or make adjustments to existing features and how they're packaged.❞

Coming Soon

Below you can find a list of upcoming roadmap items planned for the next 90 days.



App Store:

  • Intercom App

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Developers Portal (APIs and Webhooks)

Posts & Text Editor:

  • Sharing Posts

  • Polls

Gamification & Member Engagement:

  • Leaderboard

  • Badges

  • Member Directory

  • Member Profile Fields

  • Private Messaging


  • Enhanced page layout

  • Enhanced theme editor

Community Growth:

  • Enhanced SEO

⚠️ Reminder: this public roadmap is short-term and is subject to change at any time by Tribe's Product Team. Please check this post regularly!