• Upcoming Events for Community Builders

    πŸš€ Attend our webinars to learn how to build and manage a community!

    Hello Community Builders! πŸ‘‹

    Recently Tribe has launched the Intro to Tribe webinar series where you can learn about the Tribe platform, how to set up your community, and how to manage a community. I am excited to announce that we will be offering more webinars and events to help and connect with our customers building communities on Tribe.

    What are the webinars?

    • Intro to Tribe 1: Learn how to set up your community | Every other Wednesday
      This webinar is for beginner community builders who are looking to learn more about the functionalities of Tribe and discover some best practices for building their Tribe community.
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    • Intro to Tribe 2: Managing a thriving Community | Every other Thursday
      This webinar is for community builders who are in the middle of setting up their community and have a short timeline to launch. Community builders will learn about best practices for launching a community, tools that can help them manage their communities, and view some showcase communities to help spark some inspiration.
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    • Intro to Single Sign-On (SSO) | Select Thursdays, starting April 28th, 2022.
      This webinar is for those who are evaluating and exploring integrating SSO into their community. As a prerequisite, you should already have an identity management system for your website or app. Learn more about Single Sign-On (SSO), what it is and why it is important, how to set it up, common errors and troubleshooting, and how to get help.
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    • Weekly Office Hours | The Office Hour events are not recorded so be sure to join us every Monday from 1 pm - 2 pm EST
      The weekly Office Hours events are for anyone to join who has questions relating to support or best practices. Connect with Tribe Experts and fellow community builders to ask questions and learn from one another. However, please note that these sessions are not for reporting bugs or issues.
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    Additional Resources

    If you are unable to attend our webinars, Tribe has additional resources available to you to help you get started.

    • Tips & Tricks Space | Visit the Tips & Tricks space for the latest webinar recordings.

    • Onboarding Playbook | This playbook is a living document that is regularly updated. Using this playbook, you can learn about Tribe apps and features, best practices for launching and managing a community and explore Tribe showcase communities.

    • Single Sign-On PlaybookΒ | Learn more about SSO such as what is it, how it can be used, and explore frequently asked questions.

    Stay tuned as we will be announcing more webinars in the future!

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