Upcoming Events for October 2022

πŸ“… Events to attend to learn more about Tribe Platform and Community Building

Hey, Campfire Community!

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Recurring Events

  • Weekly Tribe Q&A | The first Thursday of October at 9:00 am EDT and every Monday at 1:00 pm EDT
    Are you looking for more personable, live support? Or have questions about building your community or preparing for your community to launch? Join our Weekly Tribe Q&A and connect live with the Tribe Team and fellow community builders. Learn about community building best practices, and strategies to manage your community and increase engagement!
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  • Intro to Tribe 1: Learn how to set up your community | Every other Wednesday at 12:00 pm EDT.
    This webinar is for beginner community builders who are looking to learn more about the functionalities of Tribe and discover some best practices for building their Tribe community.
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  • Intro to Tribe 2: Managing a thriving Community | Thursday, October 27th, 2022 at 12:00 pm EDT.
    This webinar is for community builders who are in the middle of setting up their community and have a short timeline to launch. Community builders will learn about best practices for launching a community, tools that can help them manage their communities, and view some showcase communities to help spark some inspiration.
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