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⚡AMA Alert ⚡ Edu Giansante, Senior Community Manager at VMware and Founder of E-Dublin

Hey everyone 👋

Please help me welcome @Ed Giansante

Ed is the Senior Community Manager at VMware and he runs its supportability programs globally. Previously he led the global community operations at Dropbox. 

He was recognized as the Community Professional of the Year of an Online Community by CMXHub, a prestigious membership network for community professionals. 

He’s also the founder of E-Dublin – the largest online hub for Brazilian expats living in Europe. He comes with unique expertise as he has experience in building communities for both large enterprises and individual coaching.

He will be taking any and all questions around creating and growing online communities. His answers would flow in from 10 AM EST on 17th July. 

Tap into Ed's secret sauce by adding your questions on this post 👇


Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

What's New? 🎉


  • Adds an admin option to select who has access to create topics
  • Adds an option for admins to add/remove poll questions while editing
  • Adds unique name to topic slugs to prevent URL conflicts
  • Adds the ability to delete all users content to comply with GDPR Rules
  • Adds the ability to add link previews to question types
  • Adds the provided message of reported content by users to the moderation panel
  • Release of Zapier 2.0.1 with a fix for picking topics and adds user profile score


  • Improved search on using @mention on finding members
  • Improved moderation user interface
  • Improved responsive and mobile view
  • Improved email service reliability

Bug Fixes

  • Marking a "user to do list" complete when an avatar is fetched from SSO
  • Fixes an issue on clicking a sub-topic in search showing 404 error
  • Fixes an issue to prevent posting before the link preview shows up
  • Fixes a few issues regarding liking posts with bots
  • Fixes an issue that some post image attachments were not loading
  • Fixes an issue with SEO Boost App where the Sitemap URL was not saved properly
  • Fixes an issue of duplicated answer input boxes for questions with no answer
  • Fixes an incorrect number of members list count if used by API
  • Fixes an issue where a link preview would disappear upon editing the post
  • Fixes a few issues with webhooks not being triggered on editing the post
  • Fixes an issue where deleting an unapproved post was decreasing user's score
  • Fixes an issue where engaging... (More)