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Community admins are able to choose one or multiple "Default Groups". It means that all the community members will be automatically add to these groups when they log-in for the first time. To add a default group, go to your Admin Panel> from the... (More)

📢 Add Default (Mandatory) Groups: Released on September 4th, 2019

In Group app settings, community admins are able to choose one or multiple "Default Groups". It means that all the community members will be automatically add to these groups when they log-in for the first time. Learn more here

By installing the reputation app, you will be able to recognize, appreciate, and introduce your top contributor community members in your community. This is one of the simplest, yet most powerful gamification tools that can incredibly improve the e... (More)

📢 Order for Displaying All Groups Is Improved: Released on September 4th, 2019

With this new release, when you click on the "Groups" from left menu on home page, at top you will see the groups you are a member in. 

In the second section, you see all other groups inside the community (except for the secrete groups) ordered... (More)


This is not possible to tag the contents with related groups right now. However, we are currently working on the process of assigning topics and groups to the contents which will resolve this issue. We are expecting to have these changes in the ver... (More)

In tribe communities, all posts including questions, discussions, and blogs can be under topics. Blogs are one of the post types that can be published on your community and can be categorized by one or more topic(s), just like questions and discuss... (More)

Only admins are able to delete a user's account.

To delete an account from your portal, Click on the User's Profile> Edit Profile> Delete User Permanently> Save. 

If there are many users that you would like to delete, follow these steps... (More)

Admins can find the reported contents under their Admin Panel> choose the Detailed Reports from the left menu> choose the Reports from the top menu. 


Community admins and group creator (in case you have enabled the group creation for all community members)are able to "delete" a group. Please be advised that by deleting a group, all the contents and information inside the group will be deleted as... (More)

📢 Ability To Post a Poll Question: Released on August 19th, 2019

Now, you are able to add the poll option to your questions. 

Community users can click on one of the poll option along with adding an answer as an explanation (optional). Learn here about how you can add a poll question. 

📢 Use Bot Accounts to post comment: Released on August 19th, 2019

Now you can use the bot accounts not only to like others' contents, but also to post a comment under the contents. This helps your community to improve the sense of engagement. 

Poll is a type of question. To post a poll on your community, you need to type down the title of the question, then you can turn on the poll option:

Once the poll is on, you can give title to each poll option, and you can also add more poll options:

... (More)

Right now, your community members (non-admins) are able to create only one type of topics which is tag. While, your community management team can create two other topic types (Category and Collection) which both have more value that Tags. To learn ... (More)

You can add important and relevant topics to a group. Follow the steps below to add a highlighted topic into a group page:

Go to the groups page> Click on the (...) button on the top right> Click on the Highlight Topics> Search fo the topic... (More)

📢 Ability to Customize Who Can Create Groups: Released on July 30th

Once you have installed the Groups app, you can define who can create groups inside your community. The default settings is "Admin" meaning only admins of the community are able to create a group. But you can change this access to Moderators or all... (More)

📢 Ability to Customize the Name for Groups: Released on July 30th

Once you have installed the Groups app, you can define a name for it. The default name is "Groups" but you can change this to anything like "Channels", "Rooms", "Classes", "Cities", .... 

Learn more here

📢 Ability to Turn On/Off Group Notifications: Released on July 29th

You can define if you want the members of a group to receive a notification when there is a new content posted in the group. You can do this by clicking on the checkbox when you are creating a group or in the edit section of a group. Learn more her... (More)

📢 See the joined groups in each member’s profile: Released on July 17th, 2019

Now, you can go to a community member's profile page and see the groups that he/she is a member of. Secrete  groups are not shown in the profile page. Only community admins and the user himself can see the secrete groups on their group list.&n... (More)

📢 Use Bot Accounts In More Places Now: Released on July 17th, 2019

Since today, if you are an admin, you are able to reply to a discussion or an article using your bot accounts.

📢 API Documentation Is Updated: Released on July 11th, 2019

We have updated our API documentation and two sections are added to the document:

1. Groups API (only available for premium/enterprise customers)

2. Virtual Currency API (available for all customer)

https://docs.trib... (More)