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Hi @Natalie1! This is a great question. The option to disable comments is not yet available but we recognize that this feature would be very helpful. I have pass along a suggestion to our team and hopefully we can implement it in the future. 

For posting the community's rules and regulations, you may consider these options:

1. Updating the Messages2 in your community

2. Enable your Announcement 1in your community

3. If you are adding rules for posting, you can add this in the Advanced Options in your Admin Panel. You may go to Admin Panel > Content Types and then select the Advanced Options of the content type that you would like to update and then insert the rules in the Rules section. 

is it possible to disable comments from either a post or a discussion? ie I need to post the rules and regs of the community as a statement or as if on a noticeboard. I like the discussion option as it helps me edit the text nicely. I want any feedback to come through email rather than directly to the post. Do you maybe have a 'noticeboard' type area for required reading that I can use instead that I might have missed?

I hope this helps!