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It would be great if answer section shows only the best or most voted answer as in Quora. In current version, each answer has been shown separately.

Feature: The option to ask a question to users creating an account, and then manually approve them.

Why: So you can verify sign ups that have for example purchased an online course by checking that the email they have used was used to purchase the o... (More)

Would like the users to have an option for a one-click setting to subscribe to all new content in the community - instead of having to subscribe to each topic/group separately.

elmi bester
Memberships & Network

Hi there - it is quite difficult to figure out from the Detailed Reports to which post a Comment, or Post belong - some comments are included as Post. It will be great if the parent content item can be shown with the comment.

It would be great to be able to "reply" to a email with a message or post and have that email be parse as a reply to a thread. 

Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

Tribe Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

Last Update: August 2019

Tribe Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

This Data Processing Agreement (“Addendum”), applies to agreements between Tribe Technologies Inc (“Tribe”), and entities who subscribe for Tribe’s services and who are subject to Applica... (More)

It would be helpful to have links in the navbar given the option to open in the same tab rather than having all links in the navbar opening in a new tab. Thanks!

It would be very useful if I could schedule posts. I would like to create content in advance and set a date and a time of publication for each post.


When we add a link in a discussion, it appears in the same way as the rest of the content. 

It would be nice if the link could be blue (or another color) to notify that the link is clickable.


It would be useful if I could select a bot user during a session (maybe by clicking on the profile picture, and selecting one of my bot users in the dropdown).

It would enable me, as an admin... (More)

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Building Online Communities

This comprehensive blog covers the 10 most common mistakes that must be avoided when building online communities — from the lack of content seeding and internal support to poor processes and aggressive growth targets.

What are some of your key learn... (More)

Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

Tribe GDPR Compliance Statement

Tribe uses the best practices in SaaS and social media to protect the privacy of users and the community members. These practices include right to be forgotten, restriction of processing, right to data portability, right to access and be informed.

I... (More)


How Tribe Handles Security

Security Objectives

Our security framework uses best practices in the SaaS industry to support our objectives:

Data and information integrity. We ensure that customer information is always secure at any moment, during transit and at rest.

Continuous d... (More)

Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

Tribe's Privacy Policy

Effective date: November 15, 2018

Tribe Technologies Inc. ("us", "we", or "our") operates the website (the "Service").

This page informs you of our policies regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data when you ... (More)

Mo Malayeri
Celebrating Human Connections

Tribe's Terms of Service

Last Update: August, 2019

Subscription Agreement

Tribe Technologies Inc (“Provider”) provides a community platform and application program interface (API) on a software as a service and platform as a service basis (“Service”). The Service is pro... (More)