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Yes just open their profile and go to:

Edit Profile > Scroll to Admin Tools > Delete Account 

Dan Guzon
Customer Success Specialist

Hi There!

One good key feature of Tribe is its Moderation App.
It is primarily used to filter content in the community before it goes live or published.

In the Moderation App you can use the following settings for filtering your content: 
- use reputation scores and account age to set which type of content should go to moderation: Post, Comments, and Replies. A detailed instruction has been posted here3.
 - Blacklisted Words, by adding words in this section, a post that contains potential vulgar languages are detected by the system and won't be published automatically.

If you are looking for private messages to be sent for moderators' approval, this functionality does not exist at this moment. You can learn more about the upcoming improvements on the messages app here

Also, please note that the Moderation App is accessible to both Moderators and Admins.

Hope this helps!

Hi Elaina, 

Thanks for posting your question! 

Currently, there is no way to lock a reply to a discussion post. Here are some other options: 

  • Archive the discussion: to make it less visible. Archived content will display in search results but will be removed from home feed, topic feed, group feed, or user feed. Learn how to archive a post here.11
  • Limit access to Discussion Content-Type: Tribe has 4 content types5. You as admin can decide which one should be enabled/disabled. You can also define who should be able to post that type of content (Admin, Moderator, Member). This way, you can define only admins to be able to share a discussion. However, as soon as the admin creates a discussion, regular users still can reply to that post.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any additional questions. 

CJ VermaTribe Team
Implementation Specialist

Hi Chris,

Hope you're doing well!
Thank you for your question. 
Currently, we support 3 different methods of login.

1. Direct Login(Userbase in Tribe Community)
2. Oauth 2 SSO 13
3. JWT SSO12

If you can Integrate it using one of these methods, only then it will work for you.
Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!