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Hi Ines. Currently, groups do not have hierarchy. Meaning, you cannot created a group and sub-groups. The only way to filter a group feed is through highlighted topics7
However, in V2 of Tribe, there will be much more flexibilities. You will be bale to create customized pages that can help you achieve your goal. More details will be shared by our product team when the public demo for V2 id ready. 

PreetishTribe Team
Ḿarkḛtinḡ ḁt Tribë

You can simply uninstall the Groups app (Admin Panel > Apps).

How can I disable groups? I think it's a bit overwhelming, less is more.


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You can simply ask in the group about this. But it is wise to display the moderator's name in group description as well as its purpose. Members can ask the community admin or moderator. 

Hello! The topics and tags are available inside your community. It is not necessarily linked to one group only. However, you may  highlight a topic17 within a group. I hope this helps!