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Intercom Integration
Intercom Integration

Ari DiamondTribe Team
Director of Customer Success

Hi @Todd Peterson18 

It sounds like the Messages App28 would better suit your needs for this use case.  The Messages App allows your members to message one another directly, peer to peer.  Intercom is not set up to drive peer to peer conversations.  The business is the owner and it is leveraged to communicate between the business and your members.

Here's a helpful community post47 explaining some of the use cases for leveraging Intercom within your community.

I've included some additional insights below regarding some of the value Intercom provides managing your community.

  • You'll be able to add the Intercom Chat button to your community if needed.
  • Logged in user's information will be sent to Intercom, which means you can personalize the chat and identify who's chatting with you.
  • All user's properties in Tribe will be synced with Intercom including but not limited to: Name, email, email status, username, role, title, reputation, credit, user stats (Number of followers, following, answers, questions, posts, comments, etc), social links, important timestamps (Such as last action date, last post date, account creation date, last update date), notification settings, and custom fields (For enterprise accounts).
  • Every action that user performs (such as creating post, like, follow, etc.) will send an event to Intercom.
  • Users can search community posts along with Intercom help articles right from the messenger box.

Hope this helps clarify things for you!