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Release Notes
Release Notes

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

What's New? 🎉


  • Adds an admin option to select who has access to create topics
  • Adds an option for admins to add/remove poll questions while editing
  • Adds unique name to topic slugs to prevent URL conflicts
  • Adds the ability to delete all users content to comply with GDPR Rules
  • Adds the ability to add link previews to question types
  • Adds the provided message of reported content by users to the moderation panel
  • Release of Zapier 2.0.1 with a fix for picking topics and adds user profile score


  • Improved search on using @mention on finding members
  • Improved moderation user interface
  • Improved responsive and mobile view
  • Improved email service reliability

Bug Fixes

  • Marking a "user to do list" complete when an avatar is fetched from SSO
  • Fixes an issue on clicking a sub-topic in search showing 404 error
  • Fixes an issue to prevent posting before the link preview shows up
  • Fixes a few issues regarding liking posts with bots
  • Fixes an issue that some post image attachments were not loading
  • Fixes an issue with SEO Boost App where the Sitemap URL was not saved properly
  • Fixes an issue of duplicated answer input boxes for questions with no answer
  • Fixes an incorrect number of members list count if used by API
  • Fixes an issue where a link preview would disappear upon editing the post
  • Fixes a few issues with webhooks not being triggered on editing the post
  • Fixes an issue where deleting an unapproved post was decreasing user's score
  • Fixes an issue where engaging... (More)
Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

Moderation Panel

The All New Moderation Panel 

Introducing the all-new moderation panel. A place to have a 360 view of items that require your attention to keep your community healthy.

Approve new member requests. archive reported posts by other members and allow pending posts to get published. All in one panel.

What problems have been addressed?

  • It used to be that moderators did not have access to the moderation tools (the irony) within the admin panel due to access level. Now both admin and moderators can manage their respective groups.
  • The tools and settings were scattered around the admin panel which made it very hard to find.
  • There was no way to find pending items unless you check the admin panel or spot them in the feed.

To learn more about this feature, please check out this link

The above items are all now resolved. New features will get improved iteratively based on your feedback. Check the new moderation panel (directly accessible from the profile dropdown) and let us know what you think and how it could get better. 🤘

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

What's New? 🎉

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Added the ability to post a comment and reply anonymously
  • Updated the Google login button according to the Google guideline
  • Added an option to disconnect telegram integration
  • Ability to customize using javascript with an updated documentation
  • Ability to export specific members content within the admin report panel
  • Increasing the number of suggestions on adding/inviting a member to a group
  • Fixes an issue to land on a respected comment upon clicking the notification
  • Fixes an issue for the right to left languages on Dropdown menus
  • Fixes an issue where the name of an anonymous author would show in notification
  • Fixes an issue where emails were not being sent from the user's SendGrid account
  • Fixes an issue where the count number of replies where not getting updated
  • Fixes an issue where editing a quick post type on mobile was hard to edit
  • Fixes an issue where adding a description to a vote would have been disappeared
  • Fixes an issue where users receive multiple notifications for the same conversation
  • Fixes an issue where if an admin deletes an unapproved post, users score drops
  • Fixes an issue where users were able to post empty contents
  • Fixes an issue where JWT authorization could not be used with Zapier
  • Fixes an issue where deleting a post would have not removed it’s child comments
  • Fixes an issue where editing a post to add topics would have not worked
  • Fixes an issue where it was not possible to remove an attached video
  • Fixes an... (More)
Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

SEO-Friendly URLs

Starting today, all of your page URLs, including the existing and new ones are all automatically converted to keyword-rich web addresses and optimized for SEO.

The old unfriendly URLs are all working and functional so you do not need to worry about links being broken. They all get redirected to the new friendly and SEO optimized URLs.

Getting your community page slug structure right for customers and search engines is essential and we understand how important this is to meet the needs of users and searchers.

We have done extensive research to make sure we are implementing the best practices. We hope you enjoy this new update. expect to see some improvement in your SEO score soon 😉

How does it work?

The URL gets generated based on the first 75 characters of the content. replacing spaces with dashes and supports english characters from A to Z following the unique hash ID of the post.

What about non-english content?

If a non-english character is being used, It will convert and match it to an equivalent of an english character.

What if a post gets edited?

If a post gets edited, the URL will also get updated with the new content, redirecting the old URL to the new one to make sure nothing will be broken.

Can admins manually change the slug?

Yes. admins and moderators, on any paid plan, can install the SEO boost app. It will supercharge their capabilities to edit the slug, add or edit title, description, and... (More)