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Release Notes
Release Notes

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

Protect your tribe from spam, fraud, and abuse.


reCAPTCHA, developed by Google has been at the forefront of bot mitigation for over a decade and actively protects data for millions of sites.

The technology uses an advanced risk analysis engine and adaptive challenges to keep malicious software from engaging in abusive activities on your website. Meanwhile, legitimate users will be able to log in, view pages, or create accounts and fake users will be blocked.

Learn more about reCAPTCHA on Google 

Available on the Tribe app marketplace.

Admins can install the reCAPTCHA app in their community.

To enable reCAPTCHA v2 on a custom domain, you have to register your site and insert your public and private key within the Tribe's reCAPTCHA app settings. 

By enabling the reCAPTCHA app, new users would need to pass reCAPTCHA to create a new account. This will prevent spam accounts to be created on your Tribe. 

Learn more from the knowledge base article.

Introducing Messages 💬

Private messaging in online communities is one of the key features to add a social layer for personal conversations and enable members to build stronger networks.

Private messaging in Tribe communities

The Messages app in Tribe offers a real-time and chat-like experience to the members for a private conversation. Once enabled, the messaging icon will appear right next to the notification bell. Members can also initiate a conversation by directly clicking on the "Message" button from a member profile.

Admins can decide to enable or disable the messages app for their community.

Learn more about Messages

Upcoming enhancements

Given below are a list of enhancements for the Messages app that will be released in the following updates:

  • Report a conversation or message
  • Email notification and slack integration
  • Block/unblock a user from sending messages
  • Send images as messages
  • Attach files to messages
  • Displaying link thumbnails
  • Group messages
  • Real-time "typing" state when a member is typing
  • Global status indicator (online, offline, custom)
  • Better privacy settings to enable or disable message requests
  • Archive conversations
  • Admin analytics
  • Read receipts

We are very excited to release the first version of messaging app as this has been one of the most popular requests of our tribe community owners. Feel free to share your thoughts, request for an enhancement or report concerns.

Introducing Slack Integration

Tribe offers a host of notification tools to ensure that your Tribe community can reach the members irrespective of the channel. And one of the critical channels to reach people is messaging apps. 


With Slack Tribe Bot App, members, admins and moderators can stay up to date on all of the community notifications in Slack. Tribe Bot would start posting community notifications for the member and attach the specific link for the activity so the members can easily go back to the community.

Connecting with Slack

Once enabled, members, admins, and moderators can stay up to date on all of the community notifications in Slack with the Tribe Bot app.

Learn more about Tribe Slack app

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

What's New? 🎉


  • Adds an admin option to select who has access to create topics
  • Adds an option for admins to add/remove poll questions while editing
  • Adds unique name to topic slugs to prevent URL conflicts
  • Adds the ability to delete all users content to comply with GDPR Rules
  • Adds the ability to add link previews to question types
  • Adds the provided message of reported content by users to the moderation panel
  • Release of Zapier 2.0.1 with a fix for picking topics and adds user profile score


  • Improved search on using @mention on finding members
  • Improved moderation user interface
  • Improved responsive and mobile view
  • Improved email service reliability

Bug Fixes

  • Marking a "user to do list" complete when an avatar is fetched from SSO
  • Fixes an issue on clicking a sub-topic in search showing 404 error
  • Fixes an issue to prevent posting before the link preview shows up
  • Fixes a few issues regarding liking posts with bots
  • Fixes an issue that some post image attachments were not loading
  • Fixes an issue with SEO Boost App where the Sitemap URL was not saved properly
  • Fixes an issue of duplicated answer input boxes for questions with no answer
  • Fixes an incorrect number of members list count if used by API
  • Fixes an issue where a link preview would disappear upon editing the post
  • Fixes a few issues with webhooks not being triggered on editing the post
  • Fixes an issue where deleting an unapproved post was decreasing user's score
  • Fixes an issue where engaging... (More)