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Release Notes
Release Notes

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

🐛Bug fixes & improvements

  • Search is greatly improved and syncs content much faster
  • Tall Images within feed will have a max-height to not go taller than a certain size
  • Clicking on the notification will take you to the related comment rather than the original post.
  • Fixes an issue where accepting a user in moderation was not working
  • Fixes an issue where mentioning a user in a secret group would no longer send a notification if the user is not a member of a group
  • Fixes an issue where some blacklisted keywords were not going through moderation
  • Fixes a few issues regarding RTL languages
  • Fixes OAuth2 flow for WordPress when it’s set up based on FastCGI
  • Fixes an issue where adding multiple videos to the post prevents them from playing
  • Fixes an issue where changing profile images were not updating the image on the header
  • Fixes an issue where the save button was not working in Admin panel> Settings> Links/Messages
Tribe Product Update
Release Notes

Portal Activity Logs

We’ve launched a new feature for admins to better understand what’s happening behind the scene to the email notifications, firebase notifications, and Webhooks.

Since above tasks usually happen in background, previously, there was no way for admins to figure out what’s the status of these tasks. For instance, if admins hit their SendGrid credit limit, or their Firebase credentials were wrong there was no way for them to look and see the result of the communication with these services.

Now, by going to /admin/jobs in your community (while logged in as admin) You'll be able to see exactly what happened on the background, if the result was error or success, and some more details about it. 

We’ve also added buttons to these logs at the right places. For instance in Webhooks app, firebase app, and Sendgrid app, we now show a “Activity Logs” button. We’ve added this button to user’s invitation page as well. 

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes


Communities like to set their tribe to follow their design and branding guidelines. To make things more flexible and easier to customize, Tribe now has class names for most of its components to make it easier to target elements and apply changes with CSS.

Customizing CSS is not specific to Tribe. Learn how to work with Chrome Dev tools and inspect element and you can fairly edit anything you want over the web and not just on Tribe.

Tribe Product Update
Release Notes


Discussion post type now supports file, image, and video attachment, as well as subthreads. Admins can enable/disable subthreads and set the setting to show latest sub threads first or last.

Admins can set to load long subthreads as "pages" or "infinitely loads" when users scroll down.