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Telegram Integration
Telegram Integration


Hi @David Carcich14 
That is because you go through apps from the marketing website.
Your point is valid though. For now you need to install apps from your admin panel > apps.

Diana Bailey
Anthropologist, Science of Human

Agree. It seems as long as you have the Telegram app enabled on your community, it will show up in the user to-do list. However, you can remove that user to-do list as explained here:

Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hi there. Telegram, Fb Messenger, and Email will send you the notification when there is a notification on your in-community notification enter (the bell sign). 

Now, let's see when there is a notification generated for a user. It is explained here49

This is49 the suggested way if you want your users to receive a notification when there is a new content in the community. 

So, there is no native way to say that ver member in the community should receive a notification when an admin posts something. However, as a workaround, you can post that content in a group, add the group as default, then turn on the notification for the group. Whatever gets posted in that group, everyone would be bale to receive a notification.