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Translation App
Translation App

Hi Bryan, 

Thank you for your question! 

In order to host a bilingual community, we have the Translation App16 available. This app will recognize content posted in a language different from the primary community language set and will provide a translation sign under the content for people to utilize. This app is available for all communities and can be accessed under Admin Settings > Apps.

Alternatively, we also have the Multilingual App12 which enables users with the ability to change the community language within their account settings to their language of choice. This app can also be accessed under Admin Settings > Apps, however is only available for Premium and Enterprise plans11.

In addition to the apps mentioned above, you could also create multiple groups within your community that is language-specific. An example of this can be seen here12 where the community is divided into groups ("channels") specific to language/ region. 


Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi @Mike van der Valk44. Recently we added Multilingual App for our Enterprise and Premium clients that allows their members to change the interface language for their own view. Each user can change the language from here: 

Account Settings> Account> Display Language> Update
Account Settings> Account> Display Language> Update

Now, based on the preferred language that this user has picked (e.g. Dutch Language), if the Translation App77 is enabled on your community, all the posts in a language different than Dutch, can be translated to the Dutch language. Therefore, the translation app converts all the post to the language defined as a preferred language for this user. 

Now, if you are using SSO and you already have information about what the preferred language for your user is on your main website, you can use Tribe Webhooks to automatically change the interface language for that user inside the community accordingly. You can add a webhook for user.signup and then use our user update API (PUT /api/v1/users/{userId}) and set locale in the data.