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Welcome Email
Welcome Email

Hi @John Penney10 

Thanks for reaching out!

You can customize the invitation email by going to Admin Settings > Members > Invitations. From here select "compose a custom message" where you can input an custom message to send out when inviting new members to the community. 

How can I customise the invitation email?

Alternatively, you can create a custom message via Zapier. I've included more information on how to do so here16

Hope this was helpful!

Eli Tribe TEAM
Customer Support Manager at Tribe

Hi Kim. You cannot customize the logo size in the Welcome Email. 

However, you can customize the body text, coloring, and font. When you change the coloring and the font from the  Admin Panel> Theme section, the same will be applied to the welcome email as well. 

  1. Upgrade Tribe42 to access the SendGrid integration, and to be able to use your custom domain
  2. Set up your custom domain24 in Tribe
  3. Create a free SendGrid account22
  4. In SendGrid, create an API key23
  5. Copy and paste the API key into Tribe's SendGrid integration23 and enable SendGrid in Tribe
  6. In SendGrid, click on Sender Authentication in Settings
  7. Follow the steps by step instructions to set up the CNAME records for your domain
  8. Once everything verifies properly, it should work great

Hi Iris,

In order to track your e-mail status, you need to log in as an admin and use this URL- "https://your-community-URL/admin/jobs?type=email28".


Let me know if you have any questions!