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Hi Rajeeve,

Hope you're doing well!

Currently, you can only choose from the components listed in the table when you visit Home Widget 12in Developer's Portal. I would recommend that you hide sidebars in the Home Widget and separately include Groups however that's just a workaround. 


CJ VermaTribe Team
Implementation Specialist
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Hi Mohit,

Thank you for your question.

As mentioned in one of the comments above, if you would like to change the components that are available, you can simply remove the component from the code.

For example, if you're using Post Widget, you can choose from the list of components and let's say if you don't want to give the 'share' option, you can simply remove it and 'share' option won't be available.

If you would like to change the look and feel of the widget, you can use CSS customization by visiting Admin Settings--> Theme--> Advanced Settings and adding the relevant CSS code.

Lastly, if you would like to define the size of the widget, you can either manage it on your end or while using an iframe, you can define the height and width of the particular widget.

Let me know if in case this doesn't answer your question.

Also, in order to know more about widgets, please visit our developer portal here- Widgets Developer Portal27