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Widgets & APIs

"Email Address is in use" error when updating user via API

When making PUT request to and the request JSON body contains the users current email:

email: ""

we get a 400 bad request error with message: "Email Address is in use".

While it is correct that the Email Address is in use, you should check if the email is the current email of the user before checking if it is in use by other users (email_exists) and only return an error if the email is used by another user. Pseudo-code:

$currentUserEmail = $currentUser->email;
$requestEmail = $_POST['email'];

if ($currentUserEmail !== $requestEmail && email_exists($requestEmail)) {
    return TribeAPIError(
      'Email address is in use.',
      ['status' => 409]

No biggie, but the response code should be 409 (conflict) for this case.


Is there a way to get the list of users following a topic?

To treat topics as hashtags in Instagram. 
Goal: To notify the the followers of a topic that there is a new post with the topic that they are following.
1. post.create webhook
2. Get followers of the post topic
3. send users a notification

Hi @Tanner kerschbaumer 
Are you looking to setup Facebook Social login? There's an article that explains the steps to create the ID and secret.

Eli Tribe TEAM
Community Success Manager at Tribe

UPDATES: This feature is already added and the issue is already resolved. 

Currently, our javascript widget does not support JWT but we are working on updating it.

Meanwhile, we suggest embedding the page that you need directly using an iframe. Below you can find all the different embeddable pages that we support:

You can easily add ?ssoToken=[JWT Token] at the end of any of the above widgets to single sign-on the user. Please note that our Javascript widget does the exact same thing as well, meaning that its result will be an iframe with the right components selected. Therefore, there would be no difference between generating the iframes manually or using our JavaScript widget.