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All the Q&A and discussions around Zapier integration. There are a lot of magic you can do with this integration. If you came across a cool Zap, share it with the community by starting a discussion. 


Hi Diana,

In order to find your API key to set up your account, you need to first download and enable Zapier. Here are the steps: -

  • In order to Install Zapier, you need to go to Admin Panel and go to Apps section. 
  • Under Apps section, download Zapier. 
  • Once downloaded, please enable Zapier and hit Update.
  • Under step 3, you will find Zapier key. Please copy it.
  • You need to go to Zapier, hit "Sign in to Zapier"
How do I find the API key required to set up my Tribe Account in Zapier?
  • In the Pop up window, add API key, hit "Yes, continue" and Authorize access. 

By following the steps above, you will be able to find API key and Log in to Zapier. 


Hope this helps!

Hi Mark,

This can be achieved with the help of the Zapier.

Let me share the step by step process to create a Zap: -

  • To begin with, Let's click on Make Zap
  • Under Choose App and Choose trigger event, select Tribe and New Content respectively.

  • Hit Continue
  • Select your Tribe community under Choose Account and hit continue. (To add a new account, please follow these steps-
  • Under Content type, select Comment ( It can change basis needs) and hit continue. If you need to pull content related to specific keywords, you can use optional option i.e., Keywords.
  • Next step is to test Trigger. If there's a single comment in your community, you will be able to successfully test and will see a message saying "We found your content"
  • Additionally, if you would like to filter the content(For example- Remove HTML, you can hit '+' icon and select Choose App and Choose Action event as Format by Zapier and text respectively and hit continue.
  • Under value, select 'Body' and hit continue.
  • Hit Test and Continue.
  • Under 3rd step, Choose App as Slack(or preferred medium) and Choose Action event as "Send Channel Message" or "Send Direct Message" depending on where that message needs to be sent and hit continue.
  • Log in to slack and select your Account. Post that, hit continue.
  • Under Customize message, please add the information per requirement. Please find the screenshot below:-
  • In the message text box, you need to update the content based on your... (More)
CJ VermaTribe Team
Implementation Specialist

Hi Frances,

You should check out the page on Zapier website dedicated to Tribe Platform. Here, you will find list of available triggers and actions.-

Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Hi Lara. You can automatically add users to specific group(s) inside your community if the user has a specific differentiator on his/her account. 

The differentiator can be something like: user's payment plan on your website, country, language, role, or any other information that you have from your side on the user's accounts. 

Then, you can use Tribe Webhooks+API6 or Zapier3 app to tell Tribe if the user has the differentiator that you have defined.

Zapier is much simpler, but if you decide to use the webhooks, the Webhook you need to use is "user.signup". 

If you are worried about removing users from those groups when the user is not eligible (for example the user is not on your paid plan anymore), you have 2 ways to automatically remove the person from the group:
_Use an API to update the paid member's list (this should be done by your tech team from your end).

_Or to use the Stripes's webhook (or any other payment software's webhook that you are suing) to remove the user from a group on Tribe if the payment is canceled.