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Welcome community owners hub! 

Building a community is not about the platform but rather the right strategy, plan and execution. This group is a place to learn the best community management techniques, sharing your challenges and learnings to build a successful and engaging community. 

Happy community!

Jacek Poleszak
Polish community @

Please have a look at this answer9 @Marina Plashenko7. That's what I've been using. I have also created a shared profile for the community. I'm still testing it, waiting for better translations and more video embed features. Then I can test it with random people and not my friends only.

Community admins/moderators can use the face of bot accounts for posting a content, replying or commenting under others' contents, answering to others' questions, liking others' contents and comments. The purpose is to build an engaging environment and to encourage all the members to interact with each other.

Once a bot is added to your community, admins and moderators can use the face of the bot to do normal activities in the community.  

Bryan -
Asana Certified Pro | Founder,

Here are some of the data insights I would find most valuable:

  • New user click path: I'm trying to craft a clear, easy onboarding experience for new users. However, the most important data is where the users actually go when they join. I want to see if they actually visit my onboarding posts right away or, if not, what grabs their attention first. So, I'd like to see the click paths of new users
  • Click paths of returning users.
  • Length of session and where they spent the most time. Basically, if one group or topic is especially popular among users, I'd like to see that so I can learn what users want, even when they don't tell me directly.
  • Conversion: I'd love to see which pieces of content users visit as the last step before they click to upgrade their membership. I'm using a link in the descriptions of subgroups to allow them to purchase access to various subgroups and I'd like to understand what led them to that decision.
  • Bounce rates in various topics and groups so that I can see what content is NOT appealing to users.

I haven't yet added Google Analytics to my site, because I'm still setting up. But, once I do, these 👆 will be the data insights I'll be tracking.