Collections: Create and Edit a Collection

Organize community Spaces by grouping them under Collections. Learn how to Create, Edit, and Delete a collection.

With a community full of different Spaces, it can be helpful to categorize them within folders. This is where Admins can utilize Collections: a group of Spaces collected into one place that allows Admins to organize and manage Spaces within the left sidebar.

In this article, learn how to create and edit Collections to set up an organized structure for the community!

Create a New Collection

After creating Spaces, Collections are a helpful way to organize them. Members can also click on the Collections’ name to view all the Spaces within it.

❗Note: Only admins can create and edit a Collection

Learn how to create a Collection:

  1. Login with your admin account > navigate to the top header > click on the + icon next to your profile image > select Add Collection:

  2. From the Add Collection modal, complete the following and click on the Create button:

a. Pick a Name for the Collection. The name will show up on the left menu.

b. Add a Description for the Collection. The description will be displayed when you click on the collection.

Important note: Collections are not visible if a member does not have access to any of its Spaces.

Edit a Collection

Make changes to Collection’s Name and Description.

  1. Click on the Collection from the left menu > Click [...] on the top-right> Edit Collection:

  2. From the Edit Collection modal, make any changes to the Collection Name and/or Description > click on the Update button.

Delete a Collection

Delete a Collection and all the spaces and posts under it.

  • First, all Spaces within a Collection must be deleted before deleting the Collection. ❗Important Note: This action is not reversible and you won’t be able to access the posts from the deleted spaces.

  • Click on the Collection from the left menu> click [...] on the top-right> Delete Collection.

Important note: The last Collection cannot be deleted. At least one Collection needs to exist in the community.

Organize listing order of Spaces under each Collection

Admins can organize the listing order of the spaces under each Collection.

  1. Login with your admin account > Select the Collection from the left menu > Click [...] > Click Organize.

2. Drag and drop the Spaces to adjust the order of Space inside that Collection, which will be displayed on the left sidebar. The order is also mimicked in the Collection Page.

3. Save changes.

Move a Space from one Collection to Another

  1. Select the Space from the left sidebar > click [...] > click Settings. This takes you to the Space Setting page:

2. From the Space settings page, click on the Settings from the left-side menu > scroll down and pick the Collection from the suggestion list > Update:

Organize Listing Order of Collections from the Left-Side Menu

Admins can organize the listing order of Collections on the left-side menu:

  1. Login with your admin account > click on your Profile Picture on top-right > Administration > Customizer > select Navigation from the Customizer menu:

  1. Select Collections Menu (c) from the left side menu:

  2. From the Collections Menu:

    • Change the View Style: Simple/Collapsible

    • Change the listing order of collection on the community’s left-side menu: Drag & Drop the collections listed under the Collections section

    • Hide or Unhide collections: Turn on/off the toggle in front of each collection

  1. Save the changes.

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