Learn about cookies and how to set them up in your Tribe community.

About the Cookie Consent Manager App

Cookie consent is the term for when users give their consent to letting a website activate its cookies and trackers that process personal data.

Types of Cookies

  1. Essential website cookies (Mandatory): Cookies strictly required to provide users with the services and features available in the community.

  2. Analytics and functional cookies (Optional): Cookies that collect information to gain insight into how the site is being used and how users navigate the community.

  3. Advertising and tracking cookies (Optional): Cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to the users and their interests.

Enable the Cookie Consent Manager App

  1. Log into your Tribe community using your admin account> Click on your profile picture > Administration > Apps page > Select Cookie Consent Manager App:

  2. Click on Install this app:

Selecting Cookies as a User:

When members visit the community for the first time, a Cookies Modal displays (pictured below):

  • If users click on I'm fine with cookies, All cookies will be allowed automatically.

  • If users click on Manage Preferences, a new Modal will open which gives them the option to accept/reject Option Cookies.

Manage preferences option: Allows users to review the available cookie controls and make changes to the cookie options listed in the image below:

  • Click Submit Preferences to apply options.

  • Click Required cookies only for the community to automatically disable optional cookies.

I'm fine with cookies option: Allows users to allow all cookies.

  • Users can also click on Required cookies only and the community will automatically disable optional cookies.

List of Cookies

1- Essential:
Name: '_tribe_theme'
Company: 'Tribe'
Domains: 'tribe.so', 'tri.be', '*.tribe.so'

2- Analytics and Functional:
a) Name: '_tribe_login',
Company: 'Tribe',
Domains: 'tribe.so', 'tri.be', '*.tribe.so'

b) Name: '_tribe_session',
Company: 'Tribe',
Domains: 'tribe.so', 'tri.be', '.tribe.so'

c) Name: '_login_id',
Company: 'Google Inc.',
Domains: 'tribe.so', 'tri.be', '.tribe.so'

3- Advertising and Tracking: Depends on the apps installed by the community admins.

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