Send Tribe community data to Google Analytics (GA) to extract valuable insights.

In this article, learn how to install and set up Google Analytics app in the Tribe community.

➕The Google Analytics app is available to customers on Tribe's all pricing plans. Learn more about Tribe's pricing plans here.

Collecting robust analytics is the key to growing a community. Tribe's built-in Analytics provides data on community activities by tracking members' engagement with an overview of the network's performance. In addition to this, the Google Analytics app expands the possibilities for data measurement.

Track the following with Google Analytics:

  • Community traffic trends over time.

  • The time users spend on different pages in the community.

  • Posts that are read by users in a session.

  • Community's popular activities.

  • Where the community traffic comes from.

  • etc.

Install and Enable Google Analytics app

  1. Click here to learn how to install an app.

  2. Under Google Analytics’ app Settings, add the Google Universal Analytics Tracking ID (Instructions are available under the app settings)

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