Easily manage analytics and measurement tags for your community without editing code.

➕Google Tag Manager App is available to customers on Tribe's Advanced and Enterprise plans. Learn more about Tribe's pricing and plans here.

Google Tag Manager is a free web-based software that allows you to manage tags (snippets of code or tracking pixels) on your website and app without modifying the code. Good examples of tags are Google Ads conversion script, Facebook pixel, and remarketing tags.

You can install the Google Tag Manager App from your community Apps section. Once the app is enabled in your Tribe community, all the tags for the community can be easily managed from your Google Tag Manager account.

This means the marketing team doesn’t need to ask the community team and technical team to change the settings inside the community. The marketing team can even reuse the setup they have for other products and websites inside the Tribe community.

What are the use-cases for the Google Tag Manager App:

  • Hotjar tag can help you learn visitor behavior, see live playback of visitor movement, and collect feedback.

  • LinkedIn Insights Tag can be used to uncover insights about community visitors and run personalized ad campaigns on LinkedIn.

  • If you are using Google Ads to drive traffic to your community, dynamic remarketing can be used to show ads to people who previously visited your community.

  • Using AdRoll tag you can track visitors to your community and show ads related to the content they viewed.

  • Google Tag Manager also allows you to track a set of basic events such as clicks, link clicks, and scroll depth by default.

How to Install and Activate the Google Tag Manager App:

  1. Log into your Tribe community using your admin account > Click on your profile picture > Administration > Apps page > Select Google Tag Manager App:

  2. Click on the Install this app button:

  3. Insert the Google Tag Manager Container ID > Save settings

    ❗Note: Click on the instruction link to learn how you can create a Google Tag Manager Container ID:

  4. Congratulations! The Google Tag Manager app is now successfully activated in your community.

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