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Learn about Invite-Only communities, the different ways to invite new members or admins to the community, customize the invitations, revoke or re-send the invitation, and check the invitation status.

Admins, Moderators, or Members (when enabled), can invite users to the community using the invitation emails. An invitation email contains a registration link that allows only the receiver(s) of the email to register with the community.

Make Community Invite-Only and/or Allow Members to Invite Others:

  • Invite-Only: This means the only way to register with the community is by receiving an invitation email.

  • Anyone can invite: Allow regular members to invite others to the community

Log in to the community with your admin account > Click on your profile picture at the top-right > Administration > Settings > Community Settings > Turn on the toggle for Invite-Only and/or Anyone Can Invite > Update the settings:

How to Invite Members

There are 3 ways to invite new members to the community:

1. Top Menu: Click the + button on the right-top navigation bar, then click Invite Members:

โ—Note: Regular members can also see this option if it is allowed in the administration setting (explained above)

2. Share Invite Link: Invite members to the community with Share Invite Link, which is unique to the community and can be copied and shared with users.
Only admins can generate an invitation link from the Administration > People > click the Invite Members button from the top-right> Copy the Share invite link:

โ—Note: Admins are only able to access the direct link until it is shared with other members. Anyone with this link can become a member of the community, even if the community is set as Private and/or Invite-only.

3. Send Invitation Email:

Send an invitation email to designated users that you have their email addresses. Only admins can send a direct invitation email to others from the Administration > People > Members > Invite Members > Invite Manually > Insert the email addresses > Submit:

Customize the Invitations:

Admins can Bulk-invite members, define default Spaces to join per invitation link or email, define the role for the invitation, and add a custom message to the invitations:

  1. Bulk-invite members: Bulk-invite a large number ofย members by clicking on Multiple at once. This will open a new field to add multiple email addresses, separated by commas. To send invitations, click on Add invitees:

    โ— Note: If you want to take the email list from a CSV file and bulk-invite all, you can use this tool that converts a CSV column into a comma-separated list.

  1. Spaces to Join: Select Spaces that members will automatically be added to once they register via the Shared Invite Link or the Invitation Email. Click on Edit to add or remove Spaces:

  2. Define Role: Select the role (Member, Admin, Moderator) at the time of generating the invitation link or email. Click on Edit to change the role:

โ— Note: You can change the role to Admin or Moderator even after the invitation is sent and the user is not registered yet. To do so, navigate to the Administration > People > Administrators > Add Admin > in the select member modal search for the emails > define the role as Admin or Moderator > Add:

  1. Custom Message: Personalize an email invitation using the custom message. Click on Add a custom message and type an introductory message. Submit to share the changes:

Check the Invitation Status:

From the Invitations tab, check the information of the invitees and the invitation status:

  • Email: invitees' email address where they can find the invitation email in their inbox

  • Name: invitees name (this is optional at the time of sending the email invitation)

  • Created at: the date that the invitation email was sent

  • Expired at: the date that the invitation link in the email will expire (the invitations should expire at a certain time due to security reasons)

  • Invited by: the person who has sent the invitation email

  • Status: If the invitation is Queued

Customize the fields on the Invitations page:

Admins can click on the Fields dropdown from the top-right and customize the list of fields displayed on top by turning on/off the toggles:

Resend the Invitation:

If by any chance the invitee did not get the invitation email or simply forgot to register, you can Resend the invitation email. This will revoke the previous invitation link for the security reason and send a new email with a different invitation link in it:

Resend the Invitation:

By revoking an invitation, the link in the email invitation will be deactivated and the user needs to receive a new invitation email to register to the community.

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