Invite new members

Learn about the different ways to invite new members to the community.

Admins, Moderators or Members (when enabled), can easily invite people by clicking on the left sidebar button to Invite members. If the invite-only option is enabled, this will be the only way to have new members joining the community.

Invite Members

Click the Plus sign on the right-top navigation bar, then click Invite Members.

Share Invite Link

Invite members to a community with an Invite Link: a link unique to a community and can be copied and shared with non-members to invite.

  • Select Copy to paste the link anywhere.

Important note: Admins are only able to access the direct link, until it is shared to other members. Anyone with this link can become a member of the community, even if the community is set as Private and/or Invite-only.

Invite Manually

Invite specific members by adding their email addresses and names. Invite more people at once by clicking on Add Another.

Bulk-invite members

Bulk-invite a large number of members by clicking on Multiple at once. This will open a new field to add multiple email addresses, separated by commas. To send invitations, click on Add invitees.

Spaces to Join

In this section, select Spaces that members will automatically be added to once they register.

  • Click on Edit to add or remove Spaces.

Custom Message

Personalize an email invitation:

  1. Click on Add a custom message and type an introductory message.

2. Click on Submit to send the invitation. 

Make Invite-Only

When Admins enable the Invite-Only option, it means that the only way to become a member of the community is to receive an invitation email to join the platform. If the invite-only option is enabled, the Join Community button will be removed from the registration page. There would be only an option to Log In for the already existing members.

To make a community Invite-Only

1. Click on the [...] More on the left sidebar > Administration > Settings.

2. Under Permission > Access > enable Make invite-only.

3. Click on Update.

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