Learn how to add smart badges or customized badges to the community member's profile.

Using a member badge, allow users to easily differentiate the community members and learn more about the other member. It also helps admins and moderators to easily segment their users based on many different criteria and for different purposes.

How Admins Can Create a Badge

  1. Log in with an admin account

  2. Navigate to Administration > People > Badges:

  3. Click on "Add badges" to create a new customized badge from scratch.
    Add a name, description, color, and style for the badge. Also, you can define where this badge should be displayed. Then click on "Create" to add this badge to the community:

  4. You can also use the ready-to-use (smart) badges. Currently, there are 2 smart badges available:
    - Role: This should be the admin and moderator role as a badge
    - New Member: This badge will be activated for new members for the first 14 days from the date of sign-up.

How Admins Can Add a Badge to a User's Profile

  1. Log in with an admin account

  2. Go to the member's profile page

  3. Click on the (...) on the top-right and click "Manage badges":

  4. Here you see the list of badges that the admin has created (explained above). Select the badge(s) you want to add to this user's profile and click "Update badges":
    โ— Note: You can add more than one badge to a user's profile.

How Admins Can Add Badges to Many Users at Once

  1. Log in with an admin account

  2. Navigate to the Administration > People > Members

  3. Use the "Add filter" to select a group of members

  4. Click "Actions" > "Assign badge" to add badges to all the selected members' profiles:

How to Automate adding Badge to a User's Account

It is also possible to automate assigning and revoking badges since we have added the required Zapier actions. For instance, you can set a counter for the number of posts created by a member in a certain Space and assign them a badge.

An example of the Most Popular Badges

Verified Member: Click on "Add badge" > click the "image badge" under the badge style > add โœ”๏ธ or โœ… or any other emoji as style > Create > the verification emoji will show up next to the user's account:

To learn more about the badges and to access the video tutorial, please visit this post on our Product Updates space.

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