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  • Erin
    Tribe Team

    Space Posting Permission

    Admins can control whether regular members can post in a Space and/or react to posts from a Space.

    Although the common use-case of Spaces is to grow interactions in the community, there are instances wherein Admins would also like to limit or totally eliminate the member's ability to engage in certain Spaces.

    How to set Posting Permission for Spaces:

    1. Select the Space> Click [...] from the top-right > Settings. This will take you to the Space Settings page:

    2. From the Space Settings, click on the Permissions from the left menu:

    From the Permissions section, admins can define:

    • Privacy of the Space: Private, Hide, Invite-only, Who can Invite.

    • Who can post? Who should be able to create a new post in this space: 'Admins and Members' or 'Admins Only'

    • Who can react and comment? Who should be able to react to or leave a comment under the posts in this space: 'Admins and Members' or 'Admins Only'


    • By default, both Posting and Commenting permission are set for 'Admins and Members' for all the space. Admins can change this permission as explained above.

    • Posting permission does not apply to the Moderators and Space Admins. Moderators and Space Admins have the privilege to Post or Comment, regardless of the posting permission settings.

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