Spaces: Create and Edit Space

In this article, learn how to create a new Space and edit an existing Space.

A Space is a customizable container that hosts content and connections under common themes and/or purposes. Spaces give structure to a community.

Create a Space

By default, new communities come with one Space and one Collection. Community Admins can create a new Space in the community in 2 ways:

  1. Log in with your admin account > click on the + button on top-right > Add Space:

2. Log in with your admin account > select a Collection on the left sidebar > click the + Add Space button:

Edit a Space

  1. Select the Space from the left sidebar > click [...] > click Settings. This takes you to the Space Setting page:

  1. From the Space settings page, update the general Settings, Permissions, Notifications, and SEO:

  1. Settings: Edit the Space Icon, name, Description, Web address, and Collection

  2. Permissions: Make private, Hide space, Make Invite-Only, Anyone can invite option, Who can post, Who can react. (Learn more here)

  • Make Private: Only the members who have joined this space can view the space content and interact with it. All community members can Request to Join a Private Space. Moderators and Admins can accept or reject the request.

  • Make Hidden: Hide this Space from non-Space-members. Hidden Spaces will not display under Collections for members who are not a part of the Space already. Therefore, by making the space Private and Hidden, you are basically creating a secret space.

  • Make invite-only: Only people with an invite can join the Space. Admins and Moderators can invite the registered users to each space.

  • Anyone can invite: All registered members who are part of this space can invite others to the Space.

  • Who can post: Define if only admins are allowed to create a new post in this space or if all members who have joined this space can create a post.

  • Who can react and comment: Define who is allowed to react to or comment on the posts created in the space.

    ❗Note: By setting the “Who can post=Admin Only” and “Who can react and comment=Admin only”, you can create a space that can be used only by admins but still can be explored by regular members (depending on the Access settings).

  1. Notifications: Define the default notification settings

  2. SEO: Set us SEO Title, SEO Description, Banner, enable/disable “Hide from search results”
    ❗Note: Do not forget to click the Update button to save the changes.

  3. Danger zone: Admins are able to delete a Space. Once a space is deleted, all the content associated with the space will be permanently removed. This action is not reversible.

Change or Remove a Space's Banner Image

A Space's Banner image displays in Space's top header and in its Collection page.

  • In the Space, hover over the banner and click Add Cover Image/Change Cover.

❗Note: Although it is not recommended to add text to the cover image, you can upload a 1:4 ratio image with a good amount of padding so that the text shows up properly.

  • Reposition image: Adjust the image within the Space's banner header by using drag/drop functionality.

  • Remove image: Revert to the Space default banner image.

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