Spaces: Create and Edit Space

In this article, learn how to create and edit Spaces.

A Space is a customizable container that hosts content and connections under common themes and/or purposes. Spaces give structure to a community.

Spaces can be organized under Collections. Click here to learn more.

Create a Space

By default, new communities come with one Space and one Collection. Community Admins can create a new Space in the community in 2 ways:

  1. Log in with your admin account > click on the + button on top-right > Add Space.

  2. Log in with your admin account> select a Collection on the left sidebar > click the + Add Space button.

Customize the Space

  1. To customize a Space, select the Space on the left sidebar > click the Gear Icon to go to the Space Settings.

  2. Under the Space Settings, customize the General, Access, and Permission section.

(a) General: Edit the Space name, Icon, Description, Web address, and Collection

(b) Access: Make private, Hide space, Make Invite-Only, or enable the Anyone can invite option.

(c) Permission Settings: Define Who can post, and who can react and comment in this space.

General Settings:

  1. Edit the Space Name and choose an Icon for the space that best fits its purpose. To add an icon, choose from the emoji picker, upload an image directly from your device, or add the link of image from the web:

Tip: The recommended size for uploading an image for the space profile:

  • Image Size of 280 x 280px

  • Maximum file size of 10 MB.

  1. Add a Space Description: Description will be displayed in the Space's About section to help users get familiar with the purpose of this Space.

  2. Create a dedicated url/slug for the Space

  3. Select the Collection that this Space should belong to.

Important note: Do not forget to click the Update button to save the changes.

Access Settings:

Members can access and post in the Spaces they have joined. Define the Access level for each space: Private, Hide, Invite-Only, Anyone can invite.

  • Make Private: Only the members who have joined this space can view the space content and interact with it. All community members can Request to Join a Private Space. Moderators and Admins can accept or reject the request.

  • Make Hidden: Hide this Space from non-Space-members. Hidden Spaces will not display under Collections for members who are not a part of the Space already. Therefore, by making the space Private and Hidden, you are basically creating a secret space.

  • Make invite-only: Only people with an invite can join the Space. Admins and Moderators can invite the registered users to each space.

  • Anyone can invite: All registered members who are part of this space can invite others to the Space.

Permissions Settings:

Admins can choose Who can Post and Who can react and comment in a Space.

  • Who can post: Define if only admins are allowed to create a new post in this space or if all members who have joined this space can create a post.

  • Who can react and comment: Define who is allowed to react to or comment on the posts created in the space.

Note: By setting the “Who can post=Admin Only” and “Who can react and comment=Admin only”, you can create a space that can be used only by admins but still can be explored by regular members (depending on the Access settings).

Add/Edit a Space's Banner Image

A Space's Banner image displays in the Space's top header and in its Collection page.

  • In the Space, click Edit cover image.

  • Upload new image: Add an image that represents your Space. Recommended image size for desktop is 1200x240 (1:5). However, on different devices, the ratio will be a little bit different. On phone, it will be up to 1200x300 (1:4).

    ❗Note: Although it is not recommended to add text to the cover image, you can upload a 1:4 ratio image with a good amount of padding.

  • Reposition image: Adjust the image within the Space's banner header by using drag/drop functionality.

  • Remove image: Revert to the Space default banner image.

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