Learn about the list of events and user actions that Tribe sends to the Amplitude analytics tool.

Amplitude is an analytics tool that helps you to measure and track the activities in your community. Check out the Article under the What's new section to learn more about how Amplitude can be installed and get an overview of the common metrics that can be tracked with this integration.

Here is a list of user actions that are sent to Amplitude:

  • Accept Member Invitation

  • Add Member To Space

  • Add Reaction

  • Create Member

  • Create Space

  • Create Space Collection

  • Delete Member

  • Delete Post

  • Delete Space

  • Invite Member

  • Publish Post

  • Reject Member Invitation

  • Reject Moderation Item

  • Remove Member From Space

  • Send To Moderation

  • Update Member

  • Update Post

  • Update Space

Here is a list of User Properties that are sent to Amplitude:

  • user_id

  • user_role

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