Being compliant with all the cookie and privacy requirements across the world is complex. Since GDPR and PECR (for cookies) are the strictest laws, we've adopted them for all users/visitors regardless of where they are located (not just EU residents). This simplifies the process because we don't need to do any geographical targeting based on IPs that can be inaccurate. Plus all our users/visitors get higher level of privacy.

Cookie notices require more than a simple "we use cookies." The law requires you to list the types of cookies you set and track. And now in UK they require non-essential cookies to be blocked unless user consents to them, and if they choose to reject cookies you must comply.

In our case, we use Google Tag Manager to manage all third-party scripts with Iubenda's cookie solution to do prior-blocking and consent management.

Quick note about Iubenda. When GDPR went into affect, I spent a lot of time researching privacy policy and cookie solutions. Iubenda came out on top for the features they offer and price. They offer free basic privacy policy generator and Pro version is only $27/year (you can't beat that). Plus, it includes cookie consent solution that made my life easier implementing everything.

Iubenda and Google Tag Manager

So the way we set everything up. Iubenda manages our privacy policy, cookie policy, and cookie consent banner. They provide easy JavaScript integration that allows us to trigger scripts in Google Tag Manager based on consent/rejection. 

So, when user initially visits one of our pages they see cookie consent banner. At this point, GTM did not trigger any tags. So no tracking scripts activated.

Cookie banner
Cookie banner


Our tags in GTM are setup to be triggered based on a specific event that consent banner triggers:

GTM event trigger
GTM event trigger


If user consents, event is fired and GTM triggers all the necessary tags.  Here's a before consent and after consent preview of GTM tags:

Before consent given
Before consent given
After consent given
After consent given


The nice thing about Iubenda is that creates cookie policy based on your privacy policy, so it lists all cookies and sorts them into categories. This is required, but many don't know it and don't do it.

Cookie policy
Cookie policy


Feature Suggestion & Recommendation

Since you want to create cookie policy app, if you want to have your own custom solution to manage cookies I would highly recommend hiring a lawyer specializing in GDPR and PECR laws to verify what you're doing complies with both laws. 

What I would recommend instead, this is beneficial for you and Tribe users.

  1. Provide a basic cookie banner app that basically does what the current cookie banner does.
  2. Provide GTM app to integrate tag manager. Iubenda can be integrated without an app, just code dropped in the header. But you can provide a dedicated app that would basically be a text box for the tracking code. And then provide an article on how to setup GTM with Iubenda for prior-blocking and cookie management.

Keep in mind, any third-party tracking code that Tribe uses for internal purposes (like Google Analytics) would need to be moved into GTM for users. You can provide instructions with copy/paste code. As a Tribe user, I'm happy to move any tracking codes you need into GTM to be compliant with GDPR.

However, Iubenda also has an option to activate custom scripts without GTM. You simply set your <script> type to "text/plain" and specify class for Iubenda to change type when consent is given. For example, before consent is given:

<script class="_iub_cs_activate" type="text/plain">

And after consent is given:

<script class="_iub_cs_activate" type="text/javascript">

This activates those scripts.

Iubenda is a great service, especially considering it's only $27/year/site. We pay for multi-site license, which is even cheaper than that. We get lawyer-reviewed privacy policy we can easily modify, cookie policy, and cookie banner solution. As a small business, this made GDPR/PECR compliance a breeze for us.

We've helped set it up for several customers (we build and hosts websites), and they also like the ease of use and low price point.

More info on this set up here:

Happy to answer any questions.


P.S. Don't want to make this promotional. If anyone wants 10% off, as a customer my referral link will give you that. So just reach out to me (viktor AT projectarmy DOT net).