I have launched my new community so I apologize that I am coming up with a lot of observations or questions now that I am experiencing the interface and features offered in live mode. This is a request to display all tags (topics). Here is the use case.

As a user and contributor to the community that includes 100+ topic tags to help organize content, I'd like to be able to see all tags offered so that I can decide which tags I should use when adding content. Currently, there is a search as you type feature that shows matching tags/topics, but if I don't know what the tags are, to begin with, I may be typing the wrong term and missing the more accepted term.

Note: I have several content creators now on my site and they are all requesting info on all the tags already set up on the system that can be easily referenced. I have more than 3 pages of tags to help organize content. I hope you will give this tag cloud or tag display page concept some consideration.

Thank you!