@Siavash @Mo Malayeri   A few suggestions on the invitation email, as it's the first consumer-facing touch point for private community like ours.  Below is an image of the invitation email for our community.  

Suggestions for your consideration: 

  1. Add a test functionality similar to the one avail on the welcome email. 
  2. Similar to the welcome email allow users to save the content within the UI for future and repeat use. Today we're having to store this messaging in a separate system.
  3. If a user, has added a custom message, give the user the option to remove the default "invitation: language from the top.  Something like an automatically selected check box "Include default language" (with preview of language) that the user can deselect  if they wish to exclude it.  In our case we have a custom invitation message so this default message is inessential and redundant.
  4. Remove the "UserName has invited you" AND don't embed the "hosts profile image and name"  and instead make the friendly from email and friendly from name, the name of the company or give users an option to enter in a friendly from Name and Email that will be used for all outbound email. Typically communities are a branded experience and so it's uber weird for the invite to come from an individual vs a brand. Although tools like Slack and Google uses this tactic on their invitations on their tools, those are collaboration tools so it makes sense to get an invite from an individual who you trust.  (the custom piece would be great for companies that may be sending on behalf of a brand or multiple brands.  
  5. Lastly, please consider removing the gray background behind the custom message on the invitation email as the execution looks less elegant because of it given the main message already has a background behind it. 

Thank you for your consideration.