Based on my experience customizing a lot of other SaaS tools:

  • change or remove the icons in the nav menu on the home screen. It's kinda funny that they don't appear in this community but we can't seem to get rid of them on our own accounts. They are very outdated looking.
  • ability to get rid of that newspaper icon next to the home button in the header
  • change the link color in the header so that links show up on dark backgrounds
  • get rid of the topics link if you aren't using topics in your community
  • customize the default invitation email. I'm using Zapier to invite members who sign up for my course. I'm worried that my members aren't getting enough information to know what this is for and they will delete it or mark it as spam
  • close the onboarding wizard. I don't want to force people to post and having that hanging around is somewhat anxiety-inducing
  • external links span new tabs or windows

Other initial thoughts:

  • ability to confine users to groups. I use Tribe (previously Mighty Networks) as a replacement for Facebook groups for discreet cohorts of programs I offer. I don't intend to have a global area for everyone to post in. I am concerned that people will accidentally post to everyone when they shouldn't.
  • or ability to restrict posting to the main feed to admins and moderators
  • move posts to groups if they are erroneously posted in the main feed
  • direct messaging at least to the admin, but preferably to anyone > 🎉This feature is delivered by Tribe team.
  • in some place clicking on the comments icon opens the discussion below the original post. In other places, it takes you to a new page. The former is better. I lose my place when hitting the back button to go back to the feed. I noticed that when reading through other feature requests in this group