Private messaging in online communities is one of the key features to add a social layer for personal conversations and enable members to build stronger networks.

Private messaging in Tribe communities

The Messages app in Tribe offers a real-time and chat-like experience to the members for a private conversation. Once enabled, the messaging icon will appear right next to the notification bell. Members can also initiate a conversation by directly clicking on the "Message" button from a member profile.

Admins can decide to enable or disable the messages app for their community.

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Upcoming enhancements

Given below are a list of enhancements for the Messages app that will be released in the following updates:

  • Report a conversation or message
  • Email notification and slack integration
  • Block/unblock a user from sending messages
  • Send images as messages
  • Attach files to messages
  • Displaying link thumbnails
  • Group messages
  • Real-time "typing" state when a member is typing
  • Global status indicator (online, offline, custom)
  • Better privacy settings to enable or disable message requests
  • Archive conversations
  • Admin analytics
  • Read receipts

We are very excited to release the first version of messaging app as this has been one of the most popular requests of our tribe community owners. Feel free to share your thoughts, request for an enhancement or report concerns.