Based on our learnings so far, SEO is a very important element in any online community platform. What are the most important things the perfect online community platform should have regarding SEO?

Here is our list so far:

  1. The frontend should support server-side rendering
  2. Its Google PageSpeed for post pages should be over 90
  3. It should support all open graph tags
  4. The urls should be super SEO friendly: /${container-name}/${title-of-the-post}-${id}. Posts are not starting with /post/
  5. All pages should be Google mobile-friendly
  6. It should have a valid sitemap.xml generated on a daily basis
  7. Admin should be able to customize the title, description, og:image, and extra <head> attributes of every page
  8. Admin should be able to add extra meta to different entities. For instance they should be able to noindex all user's pages
  9. Admin should be able to edit robots.txt of their community
  10. Similar pages should use rel="canonical"
  11. Admins should be able to define rules for links inside posts and user profiles. Based on the rules the links can have ugc, sponsored, nofollow, or follow rel. The rules should be based on reputation of the user, group, and/or post
  12. There should be a way to define redirect rules in the community.
  13. Supporting AMP would be great if it's easy to implement but is not a priority

What are we missing?