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Bryan Larkin
Digital Creative & Coach

[RESOLVED] When you start typing a post in the 'Ask A Question' section, but then choose to post it as a 'Discuss Something' section, you lose the content you have written.

Where am I?

In Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!


Changing the Content Type during posting does not copy the content to new type. If you have worked much, just return to previous content type & copy the material, go to new content type & simply paste it there.

All your content remains unchanged until you press "Post" button. Hope it'll work for you.



The problem is still there, I'm sorry, & also lost the previous status, eg. navigating to content type clears all the typed content. I checked Question & Discussion

Bryan Larkin
Bryan Larkin

Not yet resolved.

Just tested by typing 'Test' into the 'Ask a Question' box then clicking 'Discussion' it still loses what you have written. So you have to copy and paste which sometimes is not possible to remember. 


It would be good if the text automatically switched between posting modes. 




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