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Here is an update on Tribe:


Sign-Up Wall: Released on Jan 1st 📢

The sign-up wall is a feature released on our App Store. By installing this app, visitors of your community would need to sign-up to be able to see the content fully while the content is being indexed by Google and other search engines.

Therefore, when you publish an interesting content on your community, people would not just discover it easily, they will sign up for your community to be able to read the content.


Email Verification: Released on Jan 15th 📢

All your community members will receive an email verification message on top of the community pages. This message asks the users to verify their email addresses. This is to confirm that the member is a real person with a valid email address. Once they click on this message, an email with a verification link will be sent to their inbox. 


Admin Support Chat 💁: Released on Feb 1st 📢

An "Admin Support Live Chat" is enabled on all Tribe communities. Only community admins are able to see and use this support chat. Now, community admins can easily contact Tribe's Customer Support team via live chat anytime they have a question or a feature request. 


Private Mode: Released on Feb 14th 📢

You can easily enable the Private Mode in your community. By enabling this feature, only logged in users can access your community.

Please check out the following guideline link, explaining how to activate private mode in my Tribe community?


Automated Welcome Email: Released on Feb 18th 📢

Your new community members will receive a welcome email automatically, right after they sign-up. You can put some necessary information/promotions in your welcome email, like rules and policies of your community or special offers, to get your members ready for on-boarding. To use this feature, you need to install the Welcome Email App from our App Store for free. How to install an app to my tribe community?

Once the app is installed, you can define the body and title of your email, the email address that sends the messages, and the name of the person sending the emails.  


Facebook Messenger Integration: Released on Feb 28th 📢

The Facebook Messenger integration is now available. By this app, you can receive your community notifications on your Fb messenger. Please see the link, explaining how to enable Facebook Messenger on my community?

However, the settings for this integration is not a simple process. These complications are related to Facebook, and Tribe cannot speed up the process. 


That concludes our updates and feature of January and February.

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