We are excited to announce that the Zapier integration version 2.0 is now live!


1. Connect your tribe. community to Zapier using a single API key

It is now drastically easier to use Zapier with no complicated process or third-party credentials.


2. Add/Remove members to public, private, or secret groups

This was a huge blocker for creators and coaches who wanted to give selective access based on what the member has subscribed to.


3. New content triggers

An ability to filter content based on the types available within your community with support for keyword-based filtering.


4. Search and Find

Filter specific content based on their type or using keywords. Find members via Username, Title, Name, ID, and Email.


5. Custom Messages

Add your custom welcome messages to user invitations and invite multiple users at once.


6. Consistent naming

Terminologies are now more convenient and aligned with the community.


And a lot more improvements.

We are very excited about this new update as it takes the capability of your community to the next level. We highly encourage you to check the new updates on Zapier apps

We have also seen very exciting use-cases by the member of other communities such as

  • Performing sentiment analysis of the posts with MonkeyLearn (or any other text mining tool)
  • Using a tool like Mention to get notifications when content with certain keywords gets posted and save that in a Google Sheet
  • Posting Eventbrite or meetup events in the community
  • Send OneSignal push notifications when new content is posted
  • Creating a Trello card when someone posts in a group dedicated to featuring suggestions

We love to hear how you are using Zapier integration with your tribe. So please do not hesitate to share it with us and the rest of the members.


Looking for new triggers?

Use the Webhook app.


Looking for the right action?

You can use POST/GET actions in Zapier using our API.


Are you working with 1.0.3 and looking for your credentials?

Go to Zapier app settings in your community and click on the Legacy Version 1.0.3. There you will find the Domain, Client Id, Client Secret you need.