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Eli Najafi
Community Manager at Tribe
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What feature(s) should be added on Tribe and why? What are your suggestions for us?

This is a feedback question! You can provide multiple answers.

Where am I?

In Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

The ability to pin a post to the top of the home page & topics. This is important for example, if we want to host a AMA, feature specific posts, or make announcements (other than the main announcement). 

Also, another thing I noticed is that people don't use topic tags. Instead of posting in the specific subtopic that is pertinent to their questions, they will post in just the main forum & they will not label their posts with the correct subtopic. Not sure what the best solution to this is. 

Also, it's hard to do searches because it doesn't show you a list of results like Google does. Either the keyword you are looking for is mentioned in a question, or it will not return search results. If you search for a term that is mentioned in an answer but not a question, it will not show any results.

Rich edition in questions and the ability to attach an image to a questions

elmi bester
Memberships & Network

It will be useful if the announcement block could have an option for a slider- that will allow one to use that screen real estate to promote or highlight more than one item. 


A way to add topic when the question is written, maybe from a favourite topic list. Perhaps a user can have some pre added topics, which the user can select under the user profile.

  1. I think you should provide a base theme for css styling we can review to create new designs.
  2. Have the ability to integrate Adsense or monetization to the platform - even memberships if one desires.
elmi bester
Memberships & Network

We can see that people may post in the open Tribe, and not a specific Tribe group...  could it become an option for a moderator or admin to move a message from the 'open Tribe' to a specific group? Not sure about good practice here?

elmi bester
Memberships & Network


It will be useful if one can select when you add content in the open feed, to post it to a specific group. Then one don't need to remember to first go to the group before you post. 

Looking forward to the improved UI for tagging topics :)

We suggest you to put a cover photo on profile pages, and also to have chat feature.




  1. Search on mobile. Question isn't why it shouldn't be there but why is it not there to begin with?
  2. Option to copy link of an answer, share it with people following me and embedding answers in other websites like it is on Quora.
What feature(s) should be added on Tribe and why? What are your suggestions for us?
elmi bester
Memberships & Network


It will be useful if there is an option to export the topics currently setup in a Tribe (.csv or like), and if I may add to the Wishlist the number of items for each topic.

elmi bester
Memberships & Network

Will it be possible to show secret groups in the 'Groups' view for those who are members of that group - so that one would then see all open groups, private groups and your secret groups in one place, and not only on the side menu?

elmi bester
Memberships & Network


It will make sense to also allow users to 'Like' an update, or discussion, or blog post, and not only have the option to Follow it. 


For instance, I want to like this update but can now only Follow it, which is not exactly the same


It would be useful if admin and moderators could add a signature which will be displayed under all their answers/comments. 

They would be able to add a link to the FAQ and/or add the mail of the support team.

View content inside groups identifying the group when you are.

When you enter in a content inside a group, you cant view that the content is in a group. It is very baffling, because you dont kown where you are.