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Vardan Aggarwal , Product Manager

It is a UI thing. 

When I click on the notification button, it opens up a pop up overlay as expected. But generally, I do expect the overlay to disappear when I click elsewhere on the page. But it doesn't go away in case if I add a question until I click again on the notification button. It is not really a bug but more about better user experience. 

Notification overlay doesn't disappear. 
Notification overlay doesn't disappear. 
Vardan Aggarwal
And yes it disappears except for some parts of the page but it should disappear if clicked anywhere outside the overlay.
Vardan Aggarwal
I have added a screenshot. I am currently using Chrome on Android.
Siavash Mahmoudian
I just want to understand the problem better. Could you share what browser you're using? Also, are you referring to clicking on the Notifications and then clicking on Add or Search. I can replicate what you're explaining that way, but when I click anywhere else in the page it hides the popover.
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