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Eli Najafi
Community Manager at Tribe
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How to "mention" a person on Tribe?

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Eli Najafi
Community Manager at Tribe

Currently, @mention works in: 

  • comment under a "question"
  • comment under an "answer"
  • the body of a "post"
  • comment under a "post"

We are improving the @mention to be working in:

  • Reply under a "discussion"
  • Comment under a "blog" 

The only content type that you can mention someone inside the body of the content, is "post" content type. For questions and answers, you can use the @mention in the comment. We are adding @mention to the comment to "blog" and reply to "discussion" as well. 

How @mention works? Very simple, just like what you do on Instagram. If you see a content that might be interesting for another user, if you want to share an idea or a comment with someone else, if you want to reply to someone in a comment, … you can mention the person by typing @ following by the username or the name of the person.