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Is there any way to display questions from the community on my website? Any widget?

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In Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Mo Malayeri , Growth Manager at Tribe

There are few ways you can interact and integrate with Tribe in the following ways:

Tribe API: In Tribe, we use API for every single action in the product. Technically, our web interface is a client of Tribe API. As a result, you can do anything available on the web interface through API. You can find our API documentation here: https://docs.tribe.so22

Webhooks: Whenever an important action happens in Tribe, we can send a POST request to an URL defined by you with all the information regarding that action. You can use the information to do custom actions like adding a user to your CRM, or sending an email, etc. or even call back our API to do an action inside Tribe.

Bots: Bots are custom users with their own profile. You can perform automated actions using bots like auto answering a discussion. Bots profiles have a badge next to them visible to all users.

- Cards: You can add a card to the User's feed, community sidebar, under a question or discussion,... Tribe supports two types of cards:

  1. iframe cards are the easiest way to embed an external widget inside the community. We'll send current users information to the iframe using an encrypted token (JWT). Based on the user's information/persona and the location of the card you can return any HTML response which will be shown inside the card.
  2. Appcards will result in the best user experience. When a card starts to load, it'll send a POST request with encrypted user information to an endpoint defined by your technical team. Your end will return a structured JSON response (Called Canvas) which will result in a UI. Whenever a user clicks on any buttons inside the Canvas, we'll send another request to the endpoint and you can do any actions needed and send back a new Canvas. App Cards are very similar to Slack and Telegram apps, but instead of modifying a chat message you can modify a card inside your community.

- Widgets: You can also use custom widgets or RSS feed to embed a part of the community in your own product or website. Here are a few examples:

Is there any way to display questions from the community on my website? Any widget?
Is there any way to display questions from the community on my website? Any widget?
Is there any way to display questions from the community on my website? Any widget?



Embedding latest or most popular questions around a topic can be done in multiple ways.

Using RSS

The easiest way is to use RSS widgets on your website. Most CMS and blog platforms have built in RSS support. To embed latest or most popular questions regarding a particular topic you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Home and click on Topics in the sidebar.
  2. Pick a topic from the list.
  3. Click on the orange RSS icon in the filter toolbar.
  4. Use the RSS feed url in your favorite RSS reader widget on your website.

Using Tribe API

If you need more freedom or want to customize the look of the widget, you can always use Tribe API. Simply, send an AJAX request to and you'll get a list of questions related to the query in JSON format.

Alternatively, you can use the search API endpoint located at which will return relevant questions, topics and users.

Please note, you need to change community.tribe.so71 with your own community subdomain/domain.

Using Tribe Iframe widget

For certain Customers, Tribe provides an inline HTML iframe widget according. This widget is custom made for each Customer based on their branding guidelines. If your Company is interested in an Iframe widget, please contact us at info@tribe.so20.