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To setup Tribe on your own domain or subdomain you should simply go to your domain DNS panel and set a new CNAME to domains.tribe.so28.

For instance, if you want community.acmecorp.com27 to be your community homepage, go to acmecorp.com28 domain registrar's control panel, search for DNS settings. Click on add a CNAME record and enter following settings:

  • Type: CNAME
  • Host: "community" in this example (or your choice of subdomain)
  • Value or Points To: domains.tribe.so28

After the CNAME record is added, please email us at info@tribe.so18 and let us know your current Tribe url as well as the new CNAME address that you've set. Tribe team will take care of everything else.

Analiese Paik
Is there a simpler way to do this? I'm creating a Community Forum page and would love to just add some shortcode to publish my branded Tribe platform to it.
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