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A little showoff is good sometimes!

Our scoring and badging system lets you show your values to others; It shows how knowledgeable, expert, and engaged you are.

It always feels good to be recognized and be on top of the list!

How can you get more point? Just be active and share your knowledge with others. For each up-vote you get for your answers, 3 points will be added to your account. For each person following your question, 1 point will be added to your account. Users' weekly, monthly, and total scores are available.

How can you get a badge? In tribe there are two ways a badge can be assigned. Automated and manual. The manual badges are rewarded when a user reaches a milestone. For instance, when a member answers 10 questions they’ll earn a badge which will be displayed on their profile automatically. On the other hand, specific badges can be created and rewarded manually by Moderators or through tribe API. For instance, Moderators can reward a badge when a member attends a physical event or sponsors your business.

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