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Siavash Mahmoudian
CTO at Tribe

The reputation shows how helpful a user is in the community. Unlike Tribe's virtual currency, the reputation cannot be bought or spent. The only way to earn reputation is by posting useful content in the community.

Everytime a member finds your answer useful and upvotes it, you'll earn 3 reputation points. Also, when a member follows your question you'll earn 1 reputation point.

Currently, the reputation multipliers are fixed. Also, the reputation score that you receive is the same from all users and is not variable based on who upvotes your answer or follows your question.

Soon, we'll implement a way to be able to customize the multipliers as well as giving weight to upvotes and follows based on reputation of the user who performs the action.

elmi bester
Will it be possible to extend the reputation to include all content types?
Siavash Mahmoudian
Hi elmi bester, this is already on our roadmap. We're working on a way so you as the community admin can define how the reputation system should work. For instance, you can define a reply to a discussion has X points and an upvote on an answer has Y points. Eli Najafi will update you as soon as it's in production.
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