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The reputation shows how helpful a user is in the community based on their activities in posting, liking, etc. The the virtual currency on the other hand, is used to reward users for participation in a certain Q&A. 

Every time a member finds your content useful and likes it, when you post a content, any other types of activities, you will earn points. Community admins can install the reputation app and can customize the rules for the reputation points. Learn more here98

elmi bester
Will it be possible to extend the reputation to include all content types?
Eli Tribe TEAM
elmi bester we just released this :) check this out.
In Reputation App, points only adds up, even if a member goes against the community rules, his Score points continuously increase. There must be at least one option in the {Score for Each Action} section where points go negative. Currently, there are 8 actions, & the ninth one is needed.

Community Admins can only handle points up, but they are not able to define negative points. Hope you'll consider.
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