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Do you offer any trial period?


Where am I?

In Tribe you can ask and answer questions and share your experience with others!

Mo Malayeri , Growth Manager at Tribe

Tribe comes with 30 days money-back guarantee so we make sure our customers will not lose if the product did not work as expected. 

The reason we do not currently offer trials is that building a community by itself is something that requires commitment. Especially for new communities, we expect the customer to commit financially and back it up with the required resources. 

Using data we have realized those who invest financially in their community (even small amount) increase their chance of success in community launch by 70%.

Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

Tribe currently does not offer any trial account. All our customers are eligible for 30 days money back guarantee.

To check out our pricing you can visit here15.


Umm, really? No free trial period?  Check out - the conversion rate is much higher once a product is "proven" by experience. For me personally, this seems especially true if you're asking a new prospect to throw down $1,200 before knowing if the product "works as expected".