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Eli Najafi
Community Manager at Tribe

You can use tribe App Store to install the sign-up wall on your community.

Having sign-up wall installed means that while a content is being indexed by Google, visitors still would need to sign-up to be able to see the content fully. The users who are not logged-in can only see the first few lines of a content, not the entire content. 

Therefore, when you publish an interesting content on your community, people would not just read it and leave the community. They will need to sign-up into your community to access the entire content. 

However, please be advised that the sign-up wall does not make your community completely private. If you want a more private community, and you want any content of your community to be available only for the logged-in users, you need to activate the private mode: How to activate private mode in my Tribe community? 18In this case, users who are not logged-in won't be able to access any content or page of your community. 

You can easily install Sign-Up Wall, or other apps available, on your tribe community. Please click on the link below to learn how you can install an app: How to install an app to my tribe community?23

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