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Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?

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Eli Najafi , Community Manager at Tribe

Yes. Tribe community makes it possible to reach out to the community members privately in 2 different ways:

1. Admins can start a private chat with their users if the user has connected his/her Telegram, Fb Messenger, Slack, .... In order to enable this feature, you need to install a messenger app (Telegram, Fb Messenger, Slack) into your community:

How to install an app to my tribe community?16

Once the messenger app is installed, members of your community have the opportunity to either connect their messengers to their community accounts or not:

How to connect my Telegram to my Tribe account?11

When a user connects his/her messenger, the messenger's icon will be shown on the user's account, meaning that this user is available by this messenger. Admins can see this icon and send private messages to that user by clicking on this icon. For example, this user has connected her Telegram messenger to her tribe community account, and I, as an admin can see the icon on her profile page:

My Telegram Is Connected To My Tribe Account

By clicking on this icon, admins can start chatting with the user privately in Telegram. 

Our system is designed in a way that not all users can easily reach out to you privately, we protect your privacy and you can choose either you want to receive the private messages or not. 

2. So, there is a way for the community members to contact other members or community admins privately, of course if the person approves to receive the message. If you want the community members to be able to contact you privately, you have the option to share your contact info on your community account. These informations are accessible publicly to all community member. To add your contact info, go to your Profile> Edit Profile> Social Media. 

Add your social media information, like Telegram ID, Fb Messenger ID, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedI, etc. Please do not to save the changes. 

If you are a community manager, you can add more to this list (it is customizable). Please contact us to request the changes: eli@tribe.so4 

Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?
Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?