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Eli Najafi, Community Manager at Tribe

Tribe community makes it possible for admins to start a private chat with their users. In order to enable this feature, you need to install the messenger app into your community:

How to install an app to my tribe community?5

Once the messenger is installed, members of your community have the opportunity to either connect their messengers to their community accounts or not:

How to connect my Telegram to my Tribe account?8

When a user connects his/her messenger, the messenger's icon will be shown on the user's account, meaning that this user is available by this messenger. Admins can see this icon and send private messages to that user by clicking on this icon. For example, this user has connected her Telegram messenger to her tribe community account, and I, as an admin can see the icon on her profile page:

My Telegram Is Connected To My Tribe Account

By clicking on this icon, I can start chatting with her privately. Our system is designed in a way that not all your users can easily reach out to you privately. But if an admin wants to contact with a user, he or she can do this. 

The process is the same for Facebook messenger and Slack, which are available on Tribe's app store as well. 

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