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Eli Tribe TEAM
Enterprise Account Manager at Tribe

Yes. Tribe community makes it possible to reach out to the community members privately in 2 different ways:

1. Admins can start a private chat with their users if the user has connected his/her Telegram, Fb Messenger, etc. In order to enable this feature for all your community members, you need to install a messenger app (Telegram, Fb Messenger,...) into your community:

How to install an app to my tribe community?129

Once the messenger app is installed, members of your community have the opportunity to either connect their messengers to their community accounts or not (some people don't like to share their direct contact info):

How to connect my Telegram to my Tribe account?117

When a user connects his/her messenger, the messenger's icon will be displayed on the user's account, meaning that this user is available by this messenger. Admins can see this icon and send private messages to that user by clicking on this icon. In the example below, the user has connected her Telegram messenger to her tribe community account, and I, as an admin, can see the icon on her profile page:

Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?

By clicking on this icon, I can start chatting with the user privately in Telegram. 

Our system is designed in a way that not all users can easily reach out to you privately, we protect your privacy and with our solution you can choose either you want to share your direct messaging info or not. 

2. Community members can contact other members or community admins privately, if the person approves to receive the message. If you want the community members to be able to contact you privately, you have the option to share your contact info and social media info on your community profile account. These information are accessible publicly to all community member. To add your contact info, go to your Profile> Edit Profile> Social Media. 

Add your social media information, like Telegram ID, Fb Messenger ID, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Please do not forget to save the changes, after you add your social media info into your account.

If you are a paid customer and you are community manager, you can add more to this list (it is customizable). These customizations are available for our premium and enterprise customers. Please contact Tribe team to request the changes.

Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?
Can users send private messages in Tribe communities?

Coming Feature:

We have this on our roadmap to make it possible for the community members to send private messages to each other. You can learn more about the deadline here.17

Alessandro Epis
Do you have any estimated date about the private chat feature? Will it be considered a basic or a premium app?
Go Foxi
can you guys please put this feature on site it would be greatly appreciated it should be free since its suppose tobe a network i would like my clients to communicate directly
Eli Tribe TEAM
Alessandro Epis Go Foxi I totally understand the concern, but it is really hard to say when is the exact timeline for releasing this feature. If this is available for the free version or not? This is something that our sales team will decide on and as soon as we have news from our sales department, we will share it with you guys. However, even if this is not availble for the free version (I do not know yet, but just imagining), you can still purchase the app separately for a few dollars in a month. Let's wait for our sales team to reveal more info, hopefully soon :)
Willie Frazier
Is this available yet?
Raj Lahoti
Go Foxi I agree!
Romeo Crow
Eli Not all users will have Telegram or want to connect it (or Messenger, etc). There should at least be a way for Admins to private message users (e.g. to tell them why their post has been taken down).

Any ETA on this feature?
Lisa Revilo
Why is there no DM capability on this platform?!?

I was very excited about using Tribe for my new social media platform, but I'm VERY disappointed that they are charging us $85/mo. and MORE for features and functionalities that ***should have already been put into place before rolling this out to the public.***

1.) Emojis are a very basic feature that should be enabled via posts, questions, and discussions.

2.) Private messaging to other members (DMs) is another VERY basic feature that Twitter, Facebook and Instagram offer for FREE on their platforms.

3.) Sharing another member's post (similar to Retweeting) is another VERY basic feature that should already be included on this platform.

I am *stunned* that these 3 VERY BASIC features are NOT enabled on Tribe! Not everyone has Telegram (I've never even heard of this before) and not everyone wants to DM another member via their Facebook messenger - which is VERY odd if you ask me.

I am now on Google looking around for other social media platforms to consider. I hope that ALL of these 3 VERY BASIC features are enabled on Tribe SOON - like within THIS month (May). Everything else about Tribe's social media platform is awesome, which is why I was so happy initially...but now, I'm not so sure anymore.

It is my hope that Eli or any other Admin on here gives me a reasonable and viable response to my question in a timely manner.
Saafi O'Neill
Hey Lisa - In your research, what other platforms have you found? As i'd like the same features
Wilfredo Lopez
Any updates for DM implementation?
Eli Tribe TEAM
Hi everyone. Wilfredo Lopez Saafi O'Neill Romeo Crow Raj Lahoti Willie Frazier If you take a look at our roadmap here (, it says that the private inbox feature is coming out in a few weeks. I hope you will enjoy the feature :)

Lisa Revilo all the available features on Tribe on each plan are clearly mentioned in details on our website:
So I am surprised that you are surprised about Tribe not having all the features in the world 🙃
Also, the ability to share post is already available since 8 months ago: I think you missed it. You could learn about this option by simply searching for "share" keyword in the search section.
You can copy and paste emojis or do this trick:
The emoji reaction like Fb is something that we already have on our to-do list.
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