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Eli Najafi, Community Manager at Tribe

Currently, we offer the following languages in Tribe communities:

  • English
  • Portugese
  • Turkish
  • Hebrew
  • Arabic
  • German

Other languages can be available on Tribe platforms in 10 business days by our customers' requests. Translation fee for trial customers is $100. This fee will be waived for our paid customers. 

However, trial customers who would like to help us with the translation and adding a new language to our list, can use our Basic plan for one month for free. It worths mentioning that our basic plan costs $99/month. Therefore, by helping us with the translation, you are able to use our platform for free for one more month after your trial period is finished. 

To change the language of your Tribe community, please contact our Community Success Manager via email: eli@tribe.so5

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