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Vardan Aggarwal
Product Manager
Asked a question last year

Why is there no option to simply copy the link of a post? Why is Facebook sharing not enabled?

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Co-founder at Tribe

You can simply copy the link of a question or discussion from the browser address bar.

If you want to link to a particular answer, you can click on the date of the answer and it will redirect you to a permalink to that answer.

Tribe also supports short urls. If you provide a separate domain or subdomain to your point of contact in Tribe, we'll be able to add the domain as short url domain. With short url feature enabled, every content page in Tribe will have a short url where users can easily copy and paste.

The facebook sharing should be enabled for all public communities by default. Could you please put a link in comment and explain the missing functionality in more detail.

Vardan Aggarwal
I am considering sharing directly from the feed.
Facebook sharing is available only for questions and that too when a user redirects to the question page, I am considering sharing of answers for which telegram, linkedin and twitter are only options available.
Link of a question can be copied again by redirecting to the question page but same for answer isn't that obvious. How will a user know, to begin with, that clicking the time will redirect him to answer page?