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Currently, there is no limitation on the number of content you can feature but the platform randomly displays 5 of them.

If you explain your use-case in a comment to this answer, we'll be able to understand it better and let you know if it's on our roadmap or there is any workaround.

Siavash Mahmoudian
Vardan Aggarwal It seems that I have understood your question incorrectly. Let me work with the dev team and see what's the best solution for this.
Vardan Aggarwal
Until a topic has 5 questions it does not appear in the feed of a user.
Our community is based around products. For each product we create a topic and users can then participate in conversations around that product.
But people wouldn't know if we are planning to launch a new product if they don't see it. What we need is that a featured topic appears on people's feed even if it has only 1 question or discussion.
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