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Robert D
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What are different gamification methods in Tribe?

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Mo Malayeri
Growth Manager at Tribe

There are basically 3 tools in Tribe when it comes to gamification.

1. Reputation Score: 

Every user has a reputation score15 based on their activity and others' reaction to their posts. A leaderboard is displayed and sorts out top contributors. Currently, because you are at inception community stage, the leaderboard only shows the all-time score. As the community gets more vibrant and reaches the establishment stage, the leaderboard will also show the top contributors in a weekly and monthly basis. 

What are different gamification methods in Tribe?


2. Virtual Currency: 

You can define rewards for the questions on your community to motivate your members to answer and earn the rewards. The earned rewards can be converted to swags, gift cards, free tickets to an event, discount on your product and services, or anything else based on your policy. When you put rewards for a questions, you can choose the winner based on the most number of up-votes he receives on his answer, or you can pick the winner(s) manually. Once you pick someone as the winner, the reward will be added to the winners' profile. Then, the member can ask you to redeem the point to an actual gift (that can be anything that you define in the reward rules).

Here is an example of defining reward for a question in Smart Nora's community. As you see, the amount and the descriptions and the rules for the reward is displayed as well (you as an admin define all these things):

What are different gamification methods in Tribe?

These content are promoted to everyone's feed and you can also include them in your user's newsletter. Click on these link to learn how you can define rewards for a questions2 and how you can transfer rewards to and from your members' account2

What are different gamification methods in Tribe?

Badges: Tribe offers both text-badges and image-badges. The text-badges are very flexible and can be assigned to users manually. For instance "Newbie" text badge to new users or "Career Coach" badge to those who provide career advice or "Dog Lover" if the person is walking dogs in town. Click on this link2 to learn how you can give badges to your community members to differentiate them from the rest of your members.